The COVID-19 Occupational Risks, Seroprevalence and Immunity among Paramedics (CORSIP) project seeks to identify COVID19-related occupational risks to paramedics and develop recommendations to protect paramedic health


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Results: Results typically take 4-12 weeks after collection. If you want to confirm sample receipt, check the Participant Portal for a collection date (samples can take to 2-4 weeks to arrive).

Study Extension: While we initially designed the study to end in Mar/22, it will now be extended until March 2023! Your initial consent included 3 blood samples/surveys over approx. 1 year. If you enrolled in 2021 or 2022 and are willing to participate further, you will need to sign an additional consent form—this is currently available to BC participants in the Participant Portal, and will soon be available for other participants. If you do not wish to extend participation, you may simply complete the 1-Year 3-sample study.

When should I complete the study blood tests? Use the Blood Sample Time-Point Calculator in the Participant Portal to determine when you should provide samples. In summary, target sample time-points are at enrolment, and 6, 12, 18 months after your first vaccine (or after enrolment, if unvaccinated), and at study end (mid March/23). You may also provide optional blood samples: (1) before you receive a COVID vaccine; and (2) after you are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Questionnaires: Please complete one questionnaire (found in the Participant Portal) with each blood test.

Please update your vaccine status (including for the third vaccine) and any COVID-19 infections in your study Participant Portal. This data is very important to the study results and if it remains incomplete you may be contacted by a study team member to confirm it. Thank you for helping us keep your data accurate.

Have a question? Contact your provincial study coordinator.

CORSIP is a study of paramedics in Canada. It aims to recruit 5000 paramedics who will complete surveys and collect blood samples every 6 months.

  • Your blood samples will help us identify how many paramedics have developed antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 and how long these antibodies last. These antibodies may be from infection or immunization. Subsequent samples will show if these antibodies are still present. We will share your personal lab results with you through this study portal!
  • Your survey responses will help us assess the occupational risk of working as a paramedic during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will further investigate workplace factors that increase or decrease paramedics' risk of developing COVID-19.

This project is funded by the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, as part of a national effort to by the Government of Canada to track spread of the virus in priority populations in Canada.

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The study is currently recruiting and we need as many paramedics as possible!
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BC - By the numbers

1471 participants enrolled

ON - By the numbers

1374 participants enrolled

AB - 169 participants enrolled

SK - 95 participants enrolled

MB 162 participants enrolled

Total enrolled participants: 3271