About Our Study

Why Participate?

Your participation is voluntary and so important to us! COVID-19 is a global health crisis, but the risks to specific occupational groups such as paramedics have not been fully studied. Paramedics likely represent a very high-risk occupational group due to the nature of your work. You provide care in close proximity, treat people who are potentially infected with COVID19, transport patients in confined spaces and provide emergency medical treatments that may increase the risk of transmission, such as those that generate aerosols and CPR for cardiac arrest.

By participating in our study, we will learn more about your experience working as a paramedic during the COVID-19 pandemic and it will help us better understand the workplace factors which increase or decrease your risks of developing COVID-19. Your blood samples will help us determine levels of immunity to COVID-19 among the paramedic community, both short and long-term.

We will also privately share the results of your immune tests with you for each sample that you provide. A positive result indicates that the test detected antibodies to the virus which causes COVID-19. We are interested in the number of paramedics that developed antibodies from natural infection, the number that successfully develop antibodies after vaccination, and the duration of time that these antibodies remain detectable in the individual.

Your Impact

The results of this study will help identify factors that increase or decrease the risk of infection among paramedics, and how your risk compares to other groups such as health care workers and the general population. This evidence can be used to inform workplace health and safety guidelines to protect paramedics from developing COVID-19 infections. It will also help us learn how effective the vaccine is at inducing antibodies, and how long these antibodies last.

What does the study Involve and how can I participate?

The study involves completing online surveys and blood collections at three timepoints, ending in early 2022. If you consent and are eligible to participate you can complete your first survey today. After completing the survey, you can download a blood requisition to take to a lab (or can opt for self-collection via “dried blood spot” if a lab is not in your region). For vaccinated individuals, the second blood sample should be 6 months after the first vaccine dose. For non-vaccinated individuals, the second blood sample should be 6 months after the first sample. The final sample will be in early 2022.

To find out more about the study and if you are eligible please visit the participant page of this website or click here