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Who we are 

  • The Data Management Services (DMS) is a team within the Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC)
  • We are a team of experienced web application developers, database programmers, and data entry clerks

What we do:

The Data Management Services (DMS) provides the following services to support clinical research:

  • Provide data entry and data verification services for all clinical registries and research projects 
  • Analyze, design, and implement databases (SAS, MS Access, MS SQL, and MySQL)
  • Design database-driven applications (MS Access, SAS, SPSS, MySQL, and SQL)
  • Analyze, design, implement and mainain web-based randomization system
  • Analyze, design, code, implement, and maintain n-tier networked-based and web-based thin client applications for a wide range of Electronic Data Capture System (EDCS) using MS VBA, MS Visual Studio.NET, Ajax, Java Scripts, JQueries, MS SQL, PHP, and MySQL.

The OMC-DMS team has tremendous experiences in carrying out successful multicentre observational studies and randomized controlled trials from start to finish; from analyzing, designing, coding, implementing and maintaining multicentre randomized controlled trials to meet FDA CFR Part 11 guidelines and to comply with Health Canada recommendations and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for paper-based and EDCS for secured data management services. In addition, the Data Management Services team also provides data quality assurance, quality control, data analysis, data archiving, and data locking.

The OMC-DMS has effectively worked and cooperated with many health centres in Canada along with multiple centres in the Unites States, UK, France, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Jamaica, Nigeria, and South Africa.

The OMC-DMS is fully committed to the quality of research data and privacy. The web servers and the database server are physically and virtually protected and they are located in the secured data centre of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) along with other clinical data servers as it follows the same privacy and security policies. The web servers and database server have top-notch, advanced hardware and reliable software to handle the most sophisticated data application tasks.

In summary, we provide an end-to-end solution for all your clinical research data management needs as we have a proven track record in analyzing, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining multi-centre observational and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to meet FDA CFR Part 11 guidelines and Health Canada regulations.