Are you:

" Without your help, this research is not possible. "

Before Participating


You can participate if:

  1.   You have a diagnosis of hematologic malignancy
  2.   You intend to receive a COVID-19 vaccine OR have already received any COVID-19 vaccine.

What’s Involved

As a participant, you would:

Complete questionnaires online or over the phone
Have bloodwork drawn x 1
Collect and mail-in Dried Blood Spot samples that we will test for COVID-19 antibodies
Learn more about these procedures here.

How to Join

You can join our study in 3 easy steps:

Provide contact information
Complete consent form
Our study staff will be in touch!
* You can also enroll in-person during one of your clinic visits OR contact the site coordinator here if you want help to enroll.

While Participating

These are the 3 types of study tasks, which you will complete over the study period.

  • Questionnaires: All participants will complete a baseline questionnaire and follow-up questionnaires. We will email you a link to access and/or our site coordinator will call to help you complete.
  • You will complete 1 questionnaire right after joining the study that will take about 30-60 minutes.
  • You will also complete follow-up questionnaires. Each will take about 30-60 minutes.
  • Bloodwork: All participants will have blood drawn at the start of the study. Ideally this will be the same bloodwork you do at one of your regular clinic appointments.
  • Dried Blood Spot samples: All participants will self-collect and mail-in Dried Blood Spot samples at the start of the study and at specified intervals throughout the study period (when we send you reminders and/or the site coordinator calls you).
  • We will test your samples for COVID-19 antibodies. You will be given dried blood spot collection cards and return envelopes, which you will use to collect and mail-in your samples.

Here is an instruction sheet to help with sample collection.

It is important to watch this video here .


For answers to questions like:

Please visit our FAQ page

You are also welcome to contact our study coordinator at any time.